About Be The Change

Southwestern AHEC, in collaboration with the Bridgeport Department of Health & Social Services, the Foundation for Community Encouragement, and Main Street Pharmacy, proposes to implement an initiative to prevent and address the effects of trauma on individuals and families living in the greater Bridgeport, CT area.  The groundbreaking 1998 CDC/Kaiser Permanente study demonstrated an association of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) (aka childhood trauma) with health and social problems across the lifespan. The project, “Be the Change,” will utilize community members and Community Health Workers to engage individuals affected by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and other traumatic experiences. 

The project will focus on creating community-wide awareness about the correlation of ACEs and health by implementing a community survey, creating social media campaigns, training Community Health Workers, providing community educational opportunities to learn resilience skills, conducting community building workshops, engage a youth corps in developing a VideoVoice project on trauma, and developing a cadre of “Be the Change” community members to promote Bridgeport neighborhoods as a Trauma-Free Zones.